Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

“This woman is an angel and there is no way on earth that I would trust my life in the hands of another criminal attorney.”

Louis Gonzalez III
Ventura Attempted Murder and Rape case

“Debra S. White is a real fighter with a very compelling life story. She has the both the impressive academic credentials and breadth of experience to make her an excellent choice to defend you.”

William C. Makler, Criminal Defense Attorney

“You gave us faith in your ability and your understanding of the law, and you never let me down.”

Mikki Murty, Van Nuys Criminal Defense

“Debra has a true sense of humanity about her that is so often lacking from the Legal Profession; add to that her razor tact and tenacity. It only takes one conversation with her to know you have found a uniquely superior attorney.”

S.P, Santa Clarita Criminal Defense

“If you are lucky enough to interview and retain this attorney, she will eat, sleep, and breathe your case.”

Louis Gonzalez, III, former client
Ventura Attempted Murder and Rape case

“Our family has been blessed by your amazing legal talent and strong beautiful spirit.”

Sean, Dale & Pamela Preston
Los Angeles Domestic Violence Case

“Ms. White has not only earned the respect of her peers, but is highly respected and very well thought of among Judges and Prosecutors in State and Federal Courts. I highly recommend Ms. White. She is a true professional.”

Jeffrey A. Slott, Los Angeles Attorney

“From the very first time I spoke with Debra over the phone I knew that I had called the right person….She knows the law inside and out. She is strong and confident, she is honest and true to her word.”

C.R., Burbank Child Abuse

I fight. You Win.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney - Rated top 5% best in the U.S.

Debra White voted Super Lawyer 2015 amd 2016
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Los Angeles & Van Nuys DUI Attorney Debra S White
Drunk Driving
DUI Penalties
DMV Hearings
DUI involving Drugs
Drunk in Public
Driving on a Suspended License
Vehicular Manslaughter
Los Angeles & Van Nuys Domestic Violence Attorney Debra S White
Domestic Violence
Spousal Battery
Criminal Threats
Assault and Battery
False Imprisonment
Restraining Order Violation
Witness Intimidation
Los Angeles & Van Nuys Drug Crime Attorney Debra S White
Drug Possession
Drug Sales /Trafficking
Possession of a Controlled Substance
Possession with Intent
Prescription Drugs
Federal Drug Charges
Los Angeles & Van Nuys Homicide Attorney Debra S White
Attempted Murder
First Degree Murder
Second Degree Murder
Voluntary Manslaughter
Involuntary Manslaughter
Vehicular Manslaughter
Los Angeles & Van Nuys Sex Offense Attorney Debra S White
Child Molestation
Child Pornography
Sexual Battery
Child Abuse
Federal Internet Crimes
Failure to Register
Internet Pornography
Indecent Exposure
Lewd or Lascivious Conduct
Lewd Acts with a Minor
Date Rape
Spousal Rape
Statutory Rape
Sexual Assault
Los Angeles & Van Nuys Theft Attorney Debra S White
Petty Theft
Grand Theft
Los Angeles & Van Nuys White-Collar Crime Attorney Debra S White
Health Care Fraud
Money Laundering
Tax Evasion

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